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Aunt Sadie was originally from the Islands of Roatan, Honduras where she grew up.  She was actually the first person to introduce us to the habanero pepper jelly and that is what started it all.


The first time we met her was on our wedding day, when Howard and I got married in Texas.  From the very beginning, she radiated that warm feeling of home and comfort. We loved Aunt Sadie and enjoyed visiting her quite often over the years.  She was a joy to be with and was always in the kitchen cooking or preparing something to eat. Her passion for cooking was unlike any other we have experienced even up to today.   Many times she would take us out to her little garden to show the different types of peppers or whatever she was growing at the time.  She was generous and quick to share her bounty.  Whether it was cooking just a home meal or for a gathering of family and friends; you could see the joy in her eyes. She taught us that cooking and using fresh ingredients, such as peppers, is a great experience that makes you happy and everyone else happy as well.  In essence, Aunt Sadie was the muse, my source of inspiration for all the sauces and products that we now produce.


To contribute to the growth and development of Belizean Agro-processing through fair and sustainable sourcing of ingredients from local farmers, processed at our plant to the highest global  standards so that they can add flavour to food eaten everywhere.


To become the world’s favorite
pepper sauce supplier.

The Process

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Hot Mama’s – Belize Ltd. (HMB) is a registered company in Belize and does the manufacturing for all of the Aunt Sadie’s products.  This facility is registered as a Foreign Food Facility with US FDA and the process and products have approval for entry into the USA.  


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Principles (HACCP) has been implemented throughout the facility and it is followed diligently through every step of the process right up to the finished product.  Records are kept to maintain “traceability” from field or supplier to finished products.


We consider ourselves to be a “small batch” facility, but can assure you that each batch is produced at the highest quality and standards.



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Aunt Sadie's Belize is proud to offer an ever-expanding product line and which includes gourmet sauces, pepper sauces, and seasonal tropical fruit jellies.   We are constantly working on new product ideas, so don’t hesitate to keep checking our site for the introductions of those new items. 

Who We Work With

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Habanero Peppers are the backbone for our product line, but it does not stop there.  We receive fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other items from the local farmers.


Over the years, extensive training and workshops were funded by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) under a Food Security Project and facilitated by the Belize Ministry of Agriculture.  Habanero peppers were chosen for the country of Belize and these workshops aided the farmers by improving their growing and production techniques, with the end result being a better, higher quality habanero pepper. 


Understanding the needs of the consumers and working closely with the farmers, safeguards the supply of high quality produce to the manufacturing facility and allows the farmers to maintain an environmentally safe and sustainable farming operation.  Our success is based on supporting our farmers….. “one bottle at a time.

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